Wooden Games for Hire

We have a selection of wooden games for hire.

Table Elastics

Table Elastics - a game for 2 players. The board is in 2 halves with a small hole in between. Each player has 5 disks on their side of the board. The object is to shoot using the elastic bands at each end all your disks through the small hole whilst the other player does the same. The winner is the player who has no disks left on their side of the board.

The table elastics comes with two different versions of the game.


Quoits - throw the rope rings over the pegs and try to get the highest score.

Mill Stone

Mill Stone - roll the mill stone with both hands and then release it with the aim of it stopping at the highest score possible. Don't roll it too hard or it will go over the end and you will score 0

Wall Ball

Wall Ball - using two cords attached to a wooden cradle you guide a small ball up the wall trying to avoid the ball dropping through any of the holes.

Rod + Ball

Rod + ball  - guide the wooden ball by moving the wooden sticks in and out. Try to get the ball in the highest scoring hole possible.


Toptafel - wind up the string around a small spinning top. Place the top in the cradle at the front and pulling on the string send your spinning top twirling around the board. Knock over the wooden skittles with the highest scores to win.

We also have Giant Jenga and Table shuffle board - with photos coming soon.....

Game hire is:

Wall Ball $60 per day
Quoits $45 per day
Giant Jenga $45 per day
Croquet set $45 per day

Table top games  - these games require a table to put them on to play. Either provide your own tables or you can hire them from us.

Toptafel $45 per day
Table Elastics (2 games) $60 per day
Table Shuffle board $45 per day
Rod + ball $45 per day

Trestle table $20 per day 

$40 delivery each way within Auckland.

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