Wednesday, 11 July 2012

When life gives you lemons (and limes) make marmalade

On a Sunday morning you can often find me at my local market

A mixture of pre-loved stuff and a fruit and veg market - it is my kinda place. 

You really get a sense of the seasons here, last week you could find persimmons at less than $2kg, the week before apples and this week, as the citrus season arrives in NZ lemons and limes all going for a song. I just had to bring some home to attempt to recreate a childhood favourite of mine.

It smelt amazing!

We waited a while as we couldn't find a recipe we liked. They all seemed too complicated, putting pips into little muslin bags etc... So we decided to make it in the same way we make grapefruit marmalade and see how it turned out.

It is a simple recipe. The fruit is sliced and left just covered in water overnight.

The next day put it all in a big pot and simmer until the fruit is very soft.

Let the fruit cool for a while and then measure how many cups/mugs you have by transferring it into a bowl. Then match this with the same amount of sugar.

Return everything to the pan and simmer until setting point is reached, scooping out any pips that float to the surface as you go.

Finally pour into sterilised jars
I'm a bit smitten with these lovely old Agee Special Jars I found by a skip

It is quite sour with all the peel in it - but that is the way we like it. 

I guess that's the great thing about making your own. 

It didn't turn out the bright green I remember, but having just read the ingredients list on the jar of Rose's lemon and lime marmalade - I think I know why....

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