Friday, 23 August 2013

birthday candles

Here's a simple and inexpensive project to do with the kids. Recycling and making something new in a very simple way.

Before Theo's birthday this year we made his birthday cake candles together. Five wobbly, homemade candles. Simple and special.

You will need:

Burnt down/unwanted beeswax candles
Candle wick (I got mine here)
Empty tin can
Saucepan + water
kebab stick - or any kind of stick!

We took an old beeswax candle and melted it in a tin can in some simmering water.

It takes quite a while but it will eventually look like this and you can take out the old burnt wick.

Now cut a length of candle wick and tie it to the kebab stick. Dip the end in the wax and then let it dry.
Repeat the dipping until your candle has grown to the size you want (note the newspaper to protect from dripping wax).

Happy candle making.



  1. What a lovely idea and they look great.

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