Saturday, 7 December 2013

Bow + Arrows

This is our second Christmas of making Woodbotherer toys. It seems that there is a yearly favorite that out sells the rest. Last year it was the sword and shields, this year the bow + arrows. 

Happily, since we make everything ourselves in small batches we are able to make more to meet demand. This along with our careful choice of materials means we tread lightly on the planet. We use local fsc timber for the bows, paper straws, rubber bands and felt for the quiver.

The weather has been pretty changable lately here in Auckland, sending the kids running in from riding their bikes when the rain comes down. So this Sunday I set up a very simple target and gave them each a bow with a quiver of arrows.

ready to go....

Here they are with the simple target made from cardboard.

The bows are easy to re-load for little hands.

and fire!

So there we go - simple good old fashioned fun. Go direct to our shop here.
I wonder what will be the favourite next year?

Best wishes


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