Thursday, 7 June 2012

In the Workshop

A Castle

In a few weeks time our little boy will turn 4. When he announced he would like a Castle the Wood Botherer's mind started working, his eyes glinting. Then he was gone, and everyone else banished from the workshop whilst he worked on some very important top secret stuff.

Well, today I can give you a peek at the Castle nearly complete but still in progress, yep still tweaking. Here she is:
This is the Gate House and one of the turrets

A turret on each side and a large tower at the back

A view inside the Castle. Bottom level is a kitchen with large fire place, next level is the throne room and above are the royal bedrooms. I have to say I am loving all those stairs with access to the next level.

and of course the knights and archers to keep guard

Thanks for visiting! It has been a fun start to blogging. We plan to update weekly so there is plenty of time for making. So, see you next week.


  1. Found your blog via your felt shop - WOW. - amazingly beautiful toys - totally love the tree stump house featured on felts blog. So much work in these - what a fantastic gift this castle is for a 4 yr old.

  2. Wow!!!!! Our little Knights would adore this!! So clever!

  3. this is the best castle i have ever seen. i make toys too for fun. i want to get serious with it at some point and seeing this make my passion grow. You have done a wonderful job. WOW!