Thursday, 7 June 2012

Hello and Welcome


Hello, welcome to the home of the Elves and the Wood botherer.

We would like to invite you for a little tour of our place and the people who live here. So come on in, but don't mind the mess we have just been doing what we love. Making stuff!

 in the living room
drawing on the walls is o.k.
something's brewing in the kitchen

flowers in the workroom 

out back a cute play house and a large walnut tree

and of course the Wood botherer's workshop
and this is us

We want to use this space to share some of the things we make and ideas we have. 

For our first visit 'In the Workshop' tomorrow, I am going to share with you something really special that has been keeping the Wood Botherer very busy.


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  1. That's an awesome photo of you guys :) Welcome to blogland!

    (Yay for 1st comment)