Saturday, 30 March 2013

Pattern Making - Toddler doll

There have been a few late nights in my little sewing studio lately. I have been working on a new pattern for a toddler doll.

I made this doll (above) a few years ago for a friends toddler. She wanted a doll that had clothes but at that age they are not quite big enough to dress and undress a doll so a 'dressed' doll is more practical. I did however put a little hat on this one and underneath the hair has tiny pig tails - very cute.

Anyhow, I have been meaning to make more dolls like this and develop a 'toddler doll'. So recently I have been in the studio doing just that.
I had kept one of the pattern pieces I had used before - the trousers, but not top, so I had to make a new one. The first doll came out too thin. It is important to get the proportions of the doll correct. I have since read that some doll makers recommend making and stuffing the body first and then make the head to the right size. Something to think about.

My second pattern turned out a little too, err cuddly! I like cuddly, but the proportions again, not quite right and satisfying for the child to play with. More cutting and tweaking, working out new ways to make the doll so it is stronger and long lasting. This is one of my favorite parts of the process.

So here she is - one of a new design of toddler doll. Cuddly but not too cuddly and the body is in proportion.

This doll and a few other friends you will find in my Felt shop here. Thanks for stopping by....

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