Thursday, 21 March 2013

The Summer of Giant Games

'It's cool because Daddy makes games and we get to play them' Evie (7)

Yes it has been pretty fun here over this long hot summer we have had in New Zealand, perfect for playing outside.

Fil has made many giant games that we have been testing out. Here are a few for you to see.

first  - the classic 'pick up sticks'

another family favorite Connect 4

and now we have a budding backgammon player
 A finally here's a new game - still trying to think of a good name if you have any ideas? It takes a surprising amount of skill and concentration to get the ball up to the top by pulling on the strings each side.

So if you ever need a giant game or two at your place - just leave a comment below or get in touch by our 'commission us' page.


  1. What an amaze idea!! Talented family!!!

    1. Thanks - there is something about a giant game that makes them even more fun!