Thursday, 4 July 2013

Matariki Crafting - Workshop prep. Transparencies

I have recently discovered the magic of transparencies. These are pictures made with layers of coloured wax paper. You can either put them in the window or they look beautiful on a dark evening with a candle behind.

This weekend as part of my children's school Matariki festival I will be holding a workshop making these. They depict the Matariki story of Tamarereti which I will tell followed by lots of creativity. Drawing, Cutting, sticking.

You are welcome to come along and bring your children too. All the details of the festival are here.

Best wishes


Joining in with the Matariki Crafting from Tartankiwi - loads of great projects from Kiwi crafters. To find it just click on the link on the side bar  >>>>>>>


  1. These are beautiful and such a great way to tell a story! I bet the kids will love it! Thank you so much for joining in with Matariki Crafting.

  2. Im making some this weekend if my wax paper arrives in time! cant wait they look so beautiful