Sunday, 7 July 2013

Mid -Winter Crafting

Winter lantern Festival
I have been doing quite a bit of mid-winter inspired crafting lately.

I would like to show you is this lantern that I made with Theo. He was home from kindi for 2 weeks whilst unwell and as he recovered we found the chance to craft together.

He missed out on making a lantern at school, which is a yearly tradition ending with an evening lantern walk - so we made our own. A quick look through Pinterest and we were all set.

 This is what we made.

We used vegetable oil to make our water colour paintings translucent, then I did lots of folding whilst Theo claimed he was hungry! A bit challenging for a small boy - fun for me.  A very good and detailed tutorial is here
Then we had to be very patient and wait for the glue to dry until the next stage! time for a snack.

We then stuck the base and spent time shaping the lantern - sorry too busy folding to take photos!
We were quite pleased with the result and they are nice and sturdy. The addition of a 'twisty' for a handle and we were ready to go.

Lantern in use at the festival.


  1. These look so wonderful! What a great tradition for a school to have.

    1. Thanks - yes, it is one of my favourite festivals.

  2. I couldn't resit the name of your blog, and i'm so glad i took the time to look. the lantern is lovely. we're looking forward to the lantern walk at the end of kids fest. here in ch ch, if i get chance i might have a bash at this x

    1. I am glad you found us! Good luck with your lantern. Sam