Wednesday, 10 July 2013

Brynja for me

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The last few winters I have tried to knit at least 1 item each for my little family (admittedly Fil only gets gloves or a hat).
Usually, I start with the kids and by the time it is my turn Spring is on it's way and the project is put away for another year.

This year I decided to start with me!

I made the Brynja by Helene Magnusson. The 10 ply merino knitted up really quick and the thought of doing the lovely colour change pattern at the top kept me motivated through the second sleeve.

getting ready to Steek

This project is knit in the round and then the front is cut open (called Steeking) and a knitted border added for the button holes.
starting to cut

My kids were very entertained by the idea of me CUTTING the knitting I had just completed. I have come to love it  - and it adds some drama to the making of a cardigan!

Fil made me some lovely wooden buttons. He strung them up so the oil could dry.
So, here I am in my new cosy cardigan and still plenty of knitting time until Spring.

I am planning to knit something for Evie next. Apparently she wants exactly the same so we can be matching! I'm not really one for matching clothes but I guess that is a compliment in many ways.
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As for Steeking - I have already started my next 'Steeked' project - a blanket.


  1. Great idea to start with knitting something for yourself (I might have to borrow that idea next year) Your cardy looks great on you, and the buttons are perfect!

    1. Thanks Juliet - I got a camera tripod for my birthday so no excuse for me not being in the picture now! I really enjoyed joining in with the Matariki Crafting - great to see what others are making. S

  2. Steeking. So. Cool.
    Will have to look further into that one.
    Loving your cardy.

    1. Thanks Suze - best thing for me about Steeking is no purling - Happy days!