Friday, 26 July 2013

Sweet and Simple Corduroy

I was recently sent this wonderful book called Sweet and Simple Handmade by Melissa Wastney from Tiny Happy. I flicked through and immediately starting planning some new projects.

With a chance find of a large piece of blue corduroy at the market and a growth spurt from Theo. Trousers for my boy (I am English after all) went to the top of my list.

I had planned to make Theo the Cargo Pants from Oliver + S, but seeing as it is the school holidays and I will have company in the sewing room - I chose to go with the Sweet and Simple pattern and I am so glad I did.

The instructions were clear and easy to follow and the construction so simple I could complete the trousers easily in an afternoon even whilst sewing with a child on my lap!
I chose the mix and match pants.

Sewing on the patch pockets with my helpful 'pin remover' on my lap.
Laying out the front and back legs
 I really like the simplicity of this pattern - tried and tested. It is easy to customize and Melissa shows you how to adjust the length and suggests ways you could make them your own.

Theo wanted to keep it fairly simple but when it came to adding the pockets we turned one around to make a long thin pocket. Fun.

Just perfect for playing in the garden on the latest 'train track'.

Now maybe an 'everything' tote bag for me? I think so - yes!


  1. so glad you like it.
    love that your son helped you!

    1. Yep, he is pretty proud we made them together - his new favorite pants.

  2. It's my favourite book at the moment! Well done, the pants look great. Jx

    1. Thanks J - it is an inspiring book that's for sure.

  3. Great to see you making use of the book. Sewing with a helper can be a challenge, but its worth it in the end isn't it!?