Friday, 10 May 2013

A Commisson

 Another commission is leaving the workshop this week. This time it is a two storey fairy house furnished with special furniture.
 I love the way each one is different. A unique fairy house.
 The furniture sweetly arranged by my girl for the photo.

And the house is packed by her too! Ready for it's journey south and new owners.

For commissions please contact us at

Best wishes



  1. What a lucky child! That is just amazing....

  2. thank you! pretty sure this would have been a dream doll house for me when I was little - lucky child indeed.

  3. Wow! I imagine many, many happy hours will be had with that! Stunning

  4. Such an amazing doll house - I would have been beside myself, with something like this to play with as a child! Sam, would you drop me a line at, I would love to send you a link to something but can't find your email address anywhere.... Thanks, Lisa x